I bring love, clarity, and guidance gained from my own inner alignment into every other area of my life including my investments. I’m living and investing with impact viewing my path as an ongoing, evolving process, a reflection of myself.


Gino’s Published Works

MMM-Article Photo_When Investing Is more

When Investing Is More: Three Ways Impact Investors Incorporate Self

My personal journey intertwines with my investment journey. When I was starting out in the field as a representative for a large financial company, I found myself bored at a desk investing in…

MMM-Article Photo_Reflection

Reflections on Investing Money and Time in Inspiring People and Projects

I left conventional finance because it was dominated by the head. I escaped into the starry desert to be freed by my heart. And I found my home with impact investing because it balances the two…

MMM-Article Photo_The Most Important Impact

The Most Important Impact Investment Is Not What You Think

Impact investors were once a rare breed who inevitably raised eyebrows at the financial advisor’s office. These forward-thinking pioneers asked tough questions about how their money impacted people…

MMM-Article Photo_One Company is On a Mission

One company is on a mission to turn apartment complexes into communities

People share walls but don’t necessarily share lives…

MMM-Article Photo_Truckee Business

Truckee Business Models ‘Social Impact Investing

With housing in high demand throughout northern Nevada and eastern California, several property managers are charging higher rents to potential tenants…