Meet Gino Borges, Ph.D.

Founder of Making Money More

Making Money More is a lifestyle that explores new ways to meaningfully engage money, social impact, sensory awareness, and inner transformation.

Gino’s path led him from a California dairy farm to earning a Ph.D. in Communications from Purdue University, from Nevada desert quests to family ranch stewardship. And now from old school real estate investing to impact investing. Gino is a Partner and Director of Impact at OpenPath Investments. The OpenPath team transforms ordinary apartment complexes into thriving communities via their Urban Village program.

Urban Village achieves this through sponsorship of resident ideas, events and projects that enliven the common spaces, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a great place to live and work for all residents, staff and the greater community. OpenPath’s portfolio consists of over 4,000 units and has a value of more than $600M.

It’s impossible to deny the need for connection that we all share.
The complexity and value our relationships provide is the bread and butter of our lives.


Gino has been exploring tools and avenues for expressing and gaining insight from the inner realms for over twenty years and has been sharing what he’s found for the past ten. His gift is in creating space for people to discover their own guiding light within, and encouraging the sharing of wisdom from each of us on the path. When Gino is not impact investing, you can find him barefoot in his garden.

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