About Poetry of Impact

Poetry of Impact invites impact-oriented people at the intersection of impact investing, social entrepreneurship, and humanities to reflect, study, re-imagine, commune, create, and compose to authentically cultivate deep impact. This platform explores impact beyond our traditional understanding, not limited by the narrow verticals of grammar’s metrics, but summoning us to embrace a broader picture of our impact existence.

Through stories, essays, interviews, podcasts, and more, Poetry of Impact explores the journey of the individual and the evolution of the impact space.

Interested in learning more about the Poetry of Impact?  A collection of essays coming soon!

Meet Gino Borges, Ph.D

Curator of Poetry of Impact

Gino’s path led him from a California dairy farm to earning a Ph.D. in Communications from Purdue University, from Nevada desert quests to family ranch stewardship. And now from conventional real estate investing to impact investing.

A community member of Toniic, Threshold Foundation, and Nexus, Gino speaks and teaches about impact investing, multi-family real estate, community resiliency, and wealth stewardship. He’s given talks at the Impact Hub SF, Gratitude Railroad Network, executive MBA programs, art salons, and recently, TEDx University of Nevada. Gino’s work has been featured in Forbes, Rank & File, Conscious Company Magazine, Mother Nature Network, and NPR

Gino is dedicated to unveiling a different story of impact – the Poetry of Impact. He has dedicated his work towards creating a space for individuals and the collective impact space to uncover the emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges along the path of impact, revealing the deeply human side of impact in all aspects of life. 

When Gino is not doing “Grammar of Impact” work, you can find him barefoot in his garden, biking to the farmer’s market, or taking a morning stroll by the Truckee River.